Hi, my name is Shaun. My day job is being a writer and editor, and I specialize in making history, literature, science, and philosophy exciting and relevant to nonspecialists of all ages.

I’m also a homeschooling parent, advocate for gifted kids, avid reader of essays and cookbooks, aspiring Catholic, devout Midwesterner, and INTP.

I started blogging in 2006, when I began homeschooling my first daughter. Blogging is where I do some of the writing that doesn’t go into the university library or behind the paywall, but more importantly it’s where I’ve connected with other parents and writers and made some amazing friends.

Need to know more?

Connect with me as
@redseamom via twitter

or at realworldshaun@gmail.com

I used to be the Red Sea Headmistress, author of the Red Sea School homeschooling blog. There is a surprising amount of good stuff there about homeschooling and parenting a profoundly gifted child.

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