Ziggy the Pinhead

Somehow at dinner tonight the kids got me talking about teachers that didn’t like me and the trouble I got into in school. We had a lot of tangents, but the best was this:

Me: and I had a binder with Ziggy on it . . .
14yo: you had a Ziggy the Pinhead binder?!
Me: no, that’s Zippy the Pinhead. I had Ziggy . . .
10yo: you had a Ziggy Stardust binder?!
Me: no, but I wish I did

I really don’t like it when parents foist their hipster signifiers on their kids, but it still made me smile to think I have a family where these

are more obvious cultural references than this:

No offense to Ziggy. Anyone who can go 40 years without wearing pants is alright with me. And lest I come off like a GenX foister, let me confess that my 10yo spent much of the afternoon having a marathon session with this:

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